Adventure Logs

Grimm's Quest of Glory - Episode 3 "Communication Breakdown"

When last we left our hero he had just witnessed the power of Cedron the unmatched and his javelin of ultimate power. After dispatching the golem single handedly Cedron walks away and A new foe appears before the group, Melcon the irrational. Grimm apologizes profusely as he drags Loben out of the room to be revived and throws Melcon a silver in apology which Melcon snuffs. Magthrum in his quick wit manages to sooth the raging beast and get information about another possible entrance to the castle that may house the crown. Grimm revives Loben and they find that Devos has fallen into a coma, Grimm pays Cedron to watch Devos in his weakness and grabs his pack so as to prevent any thievery.

The group decides to take a break and go to rest in the music room while they plan what to do next. Before the rest there is a sudden knock on the door, a stranger approaches. After a short quiz (which the stranger fails) Grimm decides that this person is not a threat and opens the door to find an Elf standing there looking rather tired and worn. They invite her to join them and they learn her name is Aazra who has come upon this castle in her travels. After the break the group decides to head out and search around the castle more.

Our heroes come upon a strange sight on another side of the castle as they search. A large flush wall with a stone path leading away from it being guarded by 2 stone statues greets them. The statues and wall and remarkably well done and Magthrum cannot find any markings on them that would dictate that these were crafted. After much investigation and debate Grimm and Loben attempt to turn a statue hoping to find a secret entrance but they instead break it and leave it in pieces. Deciding to leave this wall for later the group continue on and find the last entrance to the castle.

Grimm and Co. find the last door to the castle and attempt a B&E. Loben spearheads the effort and even with his masterful lockpicking skills it takes many hours to overcome the lock. They open the door to find a slime larger than any they have ever seen, luckily it is just as slow as any they have ever seen and is rather harmless out in the open. Grimm insults the slime but it pays him no mind and it is at this point that Lilli has a great idea. Using her sharp wits and magic she dredges the slime and manages to pull a selection of objects from the beast (Very impressive).

Our heroes leave the slime to it's own machinations and continue into the castle. After thoroughly searching the rooms within they find no route further into the castle beside A magically locked door. The group leaves and finds Melcon sobbing uncontrollably next to a pit over his lost love the giant slime. Heartbroken Malcon demands a fortune from the group as reparations, Grimm seeing that madness has overtook the poor soul suggest to put the man out of his misery which the group declines. They follow Melcon and find him next to a door again demanding reparations so that he can support his now missing wife's children which he has locked in the next room. After a heated debate with Melcon where it's beginning to look like an impasse, Aazra breaks down in tears and agrees to pay the insane old man so that his children with the slime will be taken care of. Melcon then gives the group the key to the inner sanctum of the castle and leaves the party.

Heading one more time into the north entrance our heroes continue on. Opening the door and searching the nearby rooms Grimm being the genius he is, finds a hidden door by filling a decanter full of water. The group stumble through and find a plant creature watering a garden. Chaos almost erupts and it begins to look like there will be trouble when a druid strides into the room and settles everyone down. The druid glances over at the mysterious 6th member and knowing his evilness places her hands on his face and casts a spell. The mysterious 6th member gasps and everyone can see he is a changed man. He stammers something about being sent to "kill you" (CALLED IT!) and tells everyone his name, and the druid remarks he was cursed. Morgan, formerly the mysterious 6th member, proceeds the take a nap and the party decides to delve a bit further into the castle. The final room holds a number of skeletons which the group manages to dispatch with surprising trouble, as a few people fell on the ground. This is where we leave our hero with his spells all gone and victorious

Number of times Grimm has revived someone from deaths door: 7
Number of times Grimm saw that coming a mile away: 1