Adventure Logs

DM Log - Session 1 - Motherfuckin Snakes

The party met at Curdale manor and received their directions to search for the Crown of Denu in Tessemere. (Which several beleived should not exist)

They bought horses in Manava village and were robbed blind by the merchants due to the sudden influx of money in the town. (Tho they were paid up front by Cedric of the manor.)

They rode to Tessemere and met an apple merchant, selling the foulest looking apples that oddly enough tasted awesome.

After that they ran into several dead dwarves on the road and followed a drag-trail to find an old ruin. Entering they battled a large beetle, 3 strange lizards, a room full of odd spiders and a giant snake.

Having vanquished the foul beast they adjourned for the evening.