Adventure Logs

Grimm's Quest of Glory - Episode 1 "Fools In The Rain"

Our hero's tale begins in Curdale Manor after Grimm was rightfully chosen among the common rabble for his excellence. Our hero is but one among an assorted rabble but make no mistakes folks, he is the star of this show. After curt greetings around the table we are introduced to our side kicks; the generous Devos, the righteous Magthrum Forgebender, the mysterious Alendaar Berel, the lovely Lilli Nackle, the sneaky Loben, and the sinister forgotten 7th member what's his name who will almost definitely betray the others the first chance he gets. Our hero is promptly hired to fetch a crown from a mysterious castle that is rumored to not exist and sent away with paltry payment. The group decides it's best to hire horses for the trip and Grimm, being the resourceful rouge that he, is manages to talk the greedy hostler into cutting them a better deal. Supplies were purchased, thugs were averted, and town was left, thus begins Grimm Quest of Glory.

Not long after leaving town our hero runs into an estranged man selling rotten apples with his horribly disfigured relatives. Grimm sensing more afoot than meets the eye takes pity on this old man and purchases a portion of his rotten apples so he will not starve this day. Devos looking to Grimms kindness for inspiration, also purchases some apples from the man and they continue on their way. Grimm in his wisdom knew magic was afoot and rightfully so as the trash they bought from the man turned out to be a boon for their food supplies. After a day of riding the group makes camp and sleeps only to awake to rain, a foreshadowing of things to come.

Not long into traveling our hero runs into a grizzly sight, dead dwarves with very little pocket money to be bereft of. Magthrum Forgebender swears an oath of vengeance upon whatever creatures did this and runs headlong into the thicket in pursuit. Grimm and co. follow along to find Magthrum voraciously hacking away at brambles in a blind rage. This alerts some locals whom come to inspect the calamity, and Davos dispatches the group with a skillful shot. After calming down Magthrum, Grimm suggests we instead crawl through the hole into the brambles instead, an idea loved by all. Through the brambles our hero's find the long forgotten ruins of Slytherin.

Upon descending some stairs our hero's engage in their first combat. With Grimm's heroic leadership they pull through with ease and continue on. Devos and Loben push on ahead of the group and begin tearing down doors in an attempt to compete for Grimm's approval. Upon inspecting a book case Grimm finds an old magical book and promptly shows his gracious humility by falling on his ass on top of a table. The next room held a dastardly trap as 4 lizard men ambush our hero while he valiantly scouts in front not wishing danger on others. After a vicious battle in which Devos almost losses his life and Grimm gets injured our hero's emerge victorious.

After the fight with the lizard men the group takes a plunge into insanity. The sinister forgotten 7th member what's his name who will almost definitely betray the others disappears, Devos begins opening doors with startling speed, Aleendar starts counting pennies, Lilli takes a swim in the well, Loben starts burning spiders, and Magthrum drags a around body with him to feed to said spiders. It begins to look like insanity will reign when suddenly Magthrum stumbles into the next room and is attacked by a giant snake. Our hero's rally against the new found foe and after a deadly engagement in which Devos almost dies (again), they emerge victorious! We leave our hero next to the slain head of the snake covered in his own blood with glory upon his sword.

(as Loben)
I commend you all for rummaging through that filth to reap rewards. The level of desperation was.. fascinating. Still, I'm a bit perturbed that some random town lackeys decided that after we cleaned the place out they'd 'procure' it in the name of some town or place. We should have charged an exorbitant extermination fee for that snake but I think we were all too tired and wanted to move on. Still, it was a great learning experience and just reinforces that when one dwells on a thought or place, one loses the path they were on.

Well an hour of rummaging more than paid for my horse so I consider it worth it. Plus everywhere we go the citizens keep charging us a premium so every lil bit helps stave off poverty.