Adventure Logs

Grimm's Quest of Glory - Episode 2 "Over The Hills And Far Away"

When last we left our hero he had just defeated a giant snake in a some dingy ruins. Grimm sensing that Devos is done communing with the stomach of the snake decides to cut him free from the belly of the beast. The group then camps in the nearby room and Grimm tirelessly tends to Devos so that he may survive to fight another day, upon doing this Devos declares he has had an epiphany and has communed with the gods stating he is a changed man (This concerns Magthrum Greatly for he senses evil afoot). After waking Devos, skinning the snake, and finding the two lost dwarves (dead), the group scrounges the rubble of the lair and Grimm doles out the treasure equally. . Upon leaving the ruins the group is nearly ambushed by a small scavenging rabble claiming they are the rightful rulers of the land. Magthrum demands their leaders name and this concerns her great enough to grovel before him and beg they let her group have what's left behind in the ruins. Magthrum obliges the poor wretch and the group continues on their way to the castle.

The journey to the castle is a peaceful one. Our heroes come upon a traveling trader, and a few goods are purchased. Upon waking up the group finds that Alendaar is missing along with all his supplies, Grimm assumes he cut his losses and fled to safety. Another day of traveling brings them to a town where a few more items are purchased at the blacksmith (Grimm notices the strange assortment of items Loben is purchasing which catches his intrigue). The group finally arrives at the cross roads and after a quick snooze they continue along the path with Devos as their guide (Seems to be a very capable tracker this one). A day of travel finds them at the cut off where they must brave the swampy trek, Grimm takes pity on his expensive ass horse and sends it home so that it will not be eaten and Devos leads them on. The sinister forgotten 6th previously 7th member what's his name clues the party in on some local flora growing in the area and the group picks mushrooms along the way (Grimm passes his poisonous ones along to Loben, curious as to what he will do with them). Grimm and co. spot the castle where the crown is said to be and after some quick scouting decide to enter the ruins to take shelter for the night.

The group enters the ruins and begins to scout the surrounding rooms to assure safety for the evening. The group finds a few trinkets and baubles scattered in the following rooms. Magthrum sensing more than meets the eye calls upon the glory of his god and declares that there is undead close by. A few cautious doors later and a bit of searching done awards them some loot. A book about the dangers of children and a large cut of silk cloth are Grimms rewards and the he spikes the door while the sinister forgotten 6th formerly 7th member sleeps outside to further plot the groups downfall, they awake to find him missing (not big surprise). A fresh scouting around the castle with daylight on our heroes side leads them to find another entrance.

The second delve into the castle is much more eventful. Immediately upon entering our heroes are presented with many ominous choices. Devos throwing caution to the wind pleads with the group to help him move large stone bricks blocking the first door, Grimm obliges and then promptly backs away as he opens the door. Giant spiders warmly greet and the party and attempt to extend an offer of breakfast with Devos and Magthrum as the main course. Grimm and co decide that their offer does not interest them, and Grimm manages to convince two of the spiders with the power of his voice to play dead which they agree to. Devos, excited about the meeting with the giant spiders, decide to try and make more friends and promptly opens the door behind them. His offer is turned down with a slew of projectiles from the inhabitants angry over his lack of knocking, Devos having nearly dropped from the warm welcome the Kobolds gave him decides to try his luck again further down the hall. This door oddly decorated with a large wooden beam fails to dissuade Devos as he again attempts to make friends. Large slimes greet him and he rudely slams the door shut on them stating his prejudice against anything that doesn't have limbs.

His curiosity unabated, Devos continues to push on down the hall ahead of the group disregarding their pleas of caution. Upon coming to a door with an obvious magic trap placed on it Devos promptly sets it off with his face and barges in on an old man reading. After a pleasant chat the group decides to have a makeshift book meet and spread out to search the area. Devos rushes down the hall alone (again) and slips behind a blockade, Lilli searches an empty chest, Magthrum looks concerned about something, and Grimm decides to appreciate a nearby music room. Upon entering Grimm finds a very fine instrument and plays a few notes, sadly the lute vanishes when Grimm tries to take it from the room. Grimm enters the hallway to see Magthrum concerned about something, stating that Devos has not been heard since he disappeared behind the blockade. Magthrum tears the bloackade down to find Devos almost dead (Again) after failing to make friends with the locals (Again).

Grimm graciously revives the poor man and apologizes to the locals for Devos' rude interruption. Magthrum then asks Devos about his epiphany and Devos is seemingly puzzled about why Magthrum is concerned about his communion with the gods and shrugs off the question. Magthrum feeling the ever vigilant hand of some evil deity attempts to heal Devos of his chaotic impatient affliction only to shake his head and state that Nerul must have powerful sway over this poor mans fate. Around this time A loud alarm is heard behind the three and they quickly move to rejoin the group. They find Lilli next to a door with a blade in her hand and a cut rope on a door that wasn't there before. They open the door to find a smattering of stuff and a friendly Golem coming to greet them. The old man appears from his room disappointed at being disturbed and Loben flips into the room to get a better view of the upcoming destruction. The old man blasts the golem into bits with his powerful magic (along with half the room) and returns to his study. We leave our hero here with the Golem slain and level 2 achieved.


Number of opponents insulted to death: 2
Number of times Devos has almost died: 3
Number of times the Mysterious 6th member has disappeared: 2