Lilli Nackle

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Bio: "Lilli Nackle is a hard-working tinkerer of a Rock Gnome who aspires to be a powerful Wizard someday. Lilli’s father is an artisan and a prolific inventor. She spent much of her childhood helping her father, Namfoodle Nackle, in his workshop fetching him tools and other assorted odds and ends for him. Her father was an intelligent and kind man who would do anything for his family. When Lilli was 6 years old, her father Namfoodle was seriously injured when a passageway into the nearby mountain collapsed during a mining expedition. He survived, but his arms and hands were crushed beyond repair. His mind still raced, invention schematics flashing when he closed his eyes, but he could no longer craft those dreams into reality. Her younger brother, Gimble, was only a toddler at the time. In a matter of months, 6 year old Lilli became her father’s hands."


Level 3 Rock Gnome Wizard





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