Magthrum Forgebender

Magthrum was raised in the Crystalmist Mountains dreaming of one day becoming a smith like his parents, Thagmar and Brunhilda. However, disaster struck Magthrum when his parents were mining together and fell victim to a mine collapse. Magthrum was devastated.  

He was taken in by a local temple of Moradin that was known for raising orphans. He was raised on the holy scriptures, learning about Moradin’s teachings and Moradin’s justice. That stood out to him: justice. HOLY justice. 

This pursuit of justice led him to join the City Watch. They outfitted him in fine plate with matching shield and warhammer. He did several years of this but felt something was missing. He was pursuing justice, but not His justice. Moradin’s justice. HOLY justice. 

Magthrum left the City Watch after several years and went back to that little temple he grew up in as a boy. He decided the only course of action was to pursue that which allowed him to pursue HOLY justice: becoming a paladin of Moradin. 

After receiving the blessing and training from the Hammers of Moradin, Magthrum has been sent out to the Free City of Greyhawk to seek out vile orcs and other followers of Gruumsh...and bring them Moradin's HOLY justice.

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