Aazra is 20 year old and 5’8” with a slim body. She weighs 114 and has Porcelain ivory skin, curly light brown hair, and green eyes. She doesn't know her last name because her parents wanted suspension off her as she grew. Her mother Zora is a human explorer and adventure. She was 25 when she meet Aazra’s father Aust. He was 549 years old and was a scholar trying to find out information about every race and their past. They meet in a inn both trying to get to the forgotten city. After finding information that was not meant to be found they went into hiding as a result the fell in love and got married and had Aazra. When she was 5 her parents gave her to a family friend, Rolen Galanodel. He was asked by her parents to teach and train her to be cautious and prepared for anything. Before she left her parents gave her three things. An amulet to worship the god celestian, a staff to focus her hidden powers, and a dairy in a secret code that is missing a few pages. She was left in a hidden village in the middle vesve forest with no idea who, where her parents are or what they look like. She spent years learning how to stay cautious and how to read people very young to hide her background and to find out who to trust and who to lie to. She learned all about how dangerous her parents information if it got in the hands of someone else. She also learned a secret code that her parents used to keep in contact with family and friends. She also learned how to change into different person altogether (she did use this to get out of trouble alot). She even has a second identity with documents and everything to use just in case. Aazra’s favorite color was blue because that was the only color that had changed even if was small and unnoticeable but not to her. She loved to lay down and stare at the sky just to see a color shift of a bird to fly past. She believed the sky was her one and only friend and helped her mold her dream of leaving and traveling the world.She has no god she truly believes in but wears that amulet that was given to her. Aazra’s goal in life was always to learn about the outside and who her parents were. She was on alert all the time more so when she was found out. When she turned 20 she accidently dropped her book when working in a inn and was seen by travelers (they were very rare). They had saw the info inside, secret codes the Aazra has been trying to decipher for years, and had chased her around the village tell she lost them. Knowing that she was going to be hunted she left to travel the world and, if possible, found her parents. Before she left she said goodbye to Rolen and he gave her his marked cards to help if possible and as a parting gift. She was always curious and finally being out of the village brought her curiosity to the brim. Now her adventure starts and journey begins.