"Rerolls" could be considered "luck". They can be spent by players to influence the game somewhat. I will be tracking them here: https://tinyurl.com/POTPTracking

The following table covers gaining and spending rerolls:

Reroll Cost    Effect
1  :  Reroll any 1 die that was just rolled. (The player rolling can choose to accept the new result or the old after the reroll is spent.)
2  :  Add or subtract one point from any one player roll (d3 to d10)
2  :  Add or subtract two points from any one player roll (d11 to d20)
2  :  Add or subtract three points from any one player roll (d21 to d30)
2  :  Add or subtract 1-10% from one player percentile roll.
3  :  Change the result of a d2 (Coin flip)
5  :  Positively influence one DM dice roll for the entire party. (Improve next random encounter result, improve a pending group treasure roll, etc.)
10  :   Positively influence one DM dice roll for a single character. (Attacker misses next attack roll, pending individual treasure roll, etc.)
10  :  Cancel one random encounter from occurring.
10+ :   Change something on your character that is already set in stone. (IE. Change a skill or feat that you took to another one.)
10+ :   Gain one Misc minor item or effect of your choosing. (IE. "You know, It would be really useful if we had a cure scroll right now!" The more interesting or strange the request the cheaper the cost.)
25  :  Have your dead character reincarnated in the next game session. (New race of the DM's choice.)
50  :  Prevent one character from dying. (Epic explanation required of said salvation.)
50  :  Permanently increase one character ability score by one point (4 to 14)
100  :  Permanently increase one character ability score by one point (15 & 16)
200  :  Permanently increase one character ability score by one point (17 & 18)
Varies  :  Intentionally annoying the DM. (Highly inadvisable)
Rerolls Earned    Action
1  :  Show up to a gaming session (Yes, you get 1 reroll for simply showing up.)
1  :  Bring shared food or drinks to a gaming session. (Special food for those with dietary restrictions might get you an extra reroll)
1  :  Make 5 comments on other players adventure logs. (Up to a maximum of 10 comments/2 rerolls.)
2  :  Purchase your own LEGO minifig miniature for your character. (Bricklink suggested)
3  :  Purchase a LEGO minifig miniature for another player's character. (Bricklink suggested)
3  :  Design something for the game which the DM can 3D print. (Ask first)
4  :  Gained to a character at first level.
5  :  Post an adventure log after a gaming session. (No additional rerolls for more than one log)
6  :  Gained when a character gains a level.
Varies  :  Purchase LEGO pieces for the game. (Ask first)
Varies  :  Reward for unique or imaginative thinking in a game session.
Varies  :  Reward for exceptional roleplay in a game session or on the campaign site.
Varies  :  Bring or donate something to the gaming group. (Ask first)

  • If you are playing someone else's character while they are absent you will be assigned a number of rerolls per game session just for that character.
  • Spending rerolls to change dice rolls must be done before the resolution of the roll effect.
  • Effects that would bring a dice roll over it's maximum ARE acceptable. (Yes, you can roll 21 on a 20-sided dice, heh)
  • Rerolls may be spent to influence other players actions, and can be pooled.
  • Rerolls cannot be traded to other players. (Those players leaving the game permanently will have their rerolls put into a "party pool" to be used by a simple majority vote. Tied votes will be decided by DM.)
  • Under NO circumstances is a player allowed to spend rerolls to NEGATIVELY influence an action or roll made by another player. (You cannot give a PC or NPC bad luck.) 
  • Players may decline rerolls offered by other players. (IE. If you want your character to die and be reincarnated for story reasons you can refuse to allow someone to spend rerolls to save you.)
  • The players should remember that NPCs might also have rerolls at their disposal to influence their own dice rolls. (*insert Evil DM Grin here*)
  • The DM reserves the right to change or nerf these rules at any time


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