I will start by saying you don't have to be an actor to roleplay. In fact, I suggest people play characters that fit their existing personalities. If you're annoyingly arrogant and you play an elf that is also annoyingly arrogant that's perfectly fine by me! The party might decide to deal with you itself tho, heh.

Also, there is a place in roleplay for people who are not good at roleplay. I once played a barbarian with a very low intelligence. He charged everything, grunted a lot, and acted REALLY stupid. I was like 8 years old at the time and fit me perfectly.

I'm not a hardcore taskmaster in the game. If you ask me a question about rules immediately after acting like your character an NPC isn't going to wonder what odd tongue you are speaking, etc. This is fun, not a tryout for a Broadway production. However, it does help to mention to whom you are speaking.

I also don't like "permanently" killing characters. It *CAN* happen, but it's unlikely. (I won't force you to shred your beloved creations.) However, they might lay around dead for quite some time while the group tries to get enough loot to resurrect you. During which you can play another character, which is why I suggest you craft a backup character. Or the group might abandon your body for some reason, so try not to die, heh.

Props are awesome! From miniatures, to mugs on the table, silver flatware, crystal goblets, glass gems, jewelry, dice towers, costuming, chainmail, daggers, etc. (If the table gets too cluttered we'll burn that bridge when we get to it.)


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