The World

I am starting with the setting of Oerth before the Greyhawk Wars as a "base". However the players information and maps might be out of date, or just plain wrong. The world will evolve alongside the evolution of the characters. This just provides a framework for backstory and detail. (If the players decide to plane shift someplace else they are welcome to. Just give me time to make maps, heh)

The current date is 580 CY (Common Year).

The world is not "fleshed out" or highly detailed yet, and for the most part will not be. Things will be defined and decided as they need to be. The higher the detail, the more it needs to directly relate to the players. IE. We don't care how a specific peasant is making a living unless it directly involves the PCs somehow.

Remember, rules are optional and are more likely to be bent or broken when logic (or magic) dictates otherwise. If you run across something in the world that glaringly contradicts the printed game rules you are welcome to raise a question regarding it but do not be shocked if I veto your objection.

World map: 

Darlene Map This is the main map we will be using. This is "The Flanaess". The eastern part of the continent of Oerik. (1 hex = 30 miles) 
Full Version

Other Parts Of Oerth This is the rest of the continent of Oerik.
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30 Miles Capture The large circle on this map is 30 miles across, one hex.
The small circle is one mile across. Roughly the size of the largest city in the lands.
This should give you a general idea how big the world is.

World Reference Books: 

(These are meant to be a rough framework of general knowledge and background, not canon law. IE. if you try to use them as detailed guidebooks you might find them a bit "outdated".)

A guide to the world of Greyhawk - This book should be your main guidebook. It goes over history and the different factions in The Flanaess.

Greyhawk Glossography - This book has some world details, deities, and different world locations.

Greyhawk City - This book has details of the City of Greyhawk.

Money and Wealth:

The common currencies in the world are a cp (copper piece) which is worth $1. The sp (silver piece) worth roughly $10. And the gp (gold piece) which is worth about $100.

Ep (electrum pieces) are rather uncommon, but still acceptable currency to the majority of people. They are worth about $50 each. 

Pp (platinum pieces) are rare, and worth around $1000 each. (It is rare enough to the masses that many rural areas will refuse to accept it. Having never seen one before they have no way to verify that it is authentic.) These coins are also square rather than round.

An average day laborer makes about 1 sp per day, a skilled artisan earns about 1 gp per day. 

The majority of people are very poor. Most transactions occur in copper or silver, gold is less common and large quantities of it will draw attention quickly, especially in rural areas. Any amount of platinum will get immediate notice almost anywhere.

The prices are all a little skewed because certain things need to be cheaper for the poor masses to afford (like low-quality alcohol and most simple food items), and others are extremely expensive because the technology to reliably manufacture them just doesn't exist (like spyglasses). 

The rarer the thing you want to buy, the more it will cost. And even more if the vendor knows it's rarity.

Some real-life money examples:

  • 1 Torch = $.50
  • Simple cloth Backpack = $20
  • Quality Leather Backpack = $200
  • High Quality Lock = $100
  • Large Candle = $.50
  • Leather Armor = $1000
  • Full Plate Armor = $150,000
  • Light Horse = $7500
  • Mug of cheap ale = $.30

Most prices listed in most D&D books are accurate unless they seem wildly inappropriate. Characters can usually sell things at half that value. 

Barter is widely practiced, and will often gain more return than simply selling something outright. However the trick is to find someone who has what you want, and wants what you have.

It is worth noting that coins minted in Greyhawk City have full value in most areas of Oerth. However, those coins minted in other kingdoms have varying values from 25% less than face value to 50% less. (Unless otherwise noted you can presume all coins are of Greyhawk City origin.) Coins from other kingdoms can be taken to specialists or moneychangers to get near full worth from them.

The Gods:

Below is a general list of the gods in Greyhawk. There is a master list here: https://metzger.obsidianportal.com/wikis/greyhawk-deities-master-list

  • Al'akbar - Community, Good, Healing, Law, Protection
  • Allitur - Community, Good, Knowledge, Law
  • Annam - Knowledge, Magic, Nobility, Rune, Sun
  • Apocatequil - Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Sun, Trickery
  • Atroa - Air, Good, Plant, Sun
  • Bahamut - Air, Good, Law, Nobility
  • Beltar - Chaos, Darkness, Earth, Evil, War
  • Beory - Animal, Earth, Plant, Water
  • Berei - Community, Good, Plant, Protection
  • Bleredd - Artifice, Earth, Fire, Strength
  • Blibdoolpoolp - Destruction, Evil, Nobility, Water
  • Boccob - Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Trickery
  • Bralm - Artifice, Community, Strength
  • Callarduran - Earth, Good, Healing, Protection
  • Celestian - Darkness, Knowledge, Protection, Travel
  • Corellon - Chaos, Good, Nobility, Protection, War
  • Cyndor - Law, Protection, Repose, Travel
  • Dalt - Chaos, Good, Protection, Travel, Trickery
  • Deep Sashelas - Chaos, Good, Protection, Water
  • Delleb - Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune
  • Diirinka - Chaos, Evil, Madness, Magic, Trickery
  • Eadro - Animal, Community, Protection, Water
  • Earth Dragon - Earth, Evil, Law
  • Ehlonna - Animal, Good, Plant, Sun
  • Erythnul - Chaos, Evil, Madness, Trickery, War
  • Fharlanghn - Liberation, Luck, Protection, Travel
  • Fortubo - Earth, Good, Law, Protection
  • Garl - Charm, Good, Protection, Trickery
  • Geshtai - Plant, Travel, Water
  • Grolantor - Chaos, Death, Earth, Evil
  • Gruumsh - Chaos, Evil, Strength, War
  • Heironeous - Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, War
  • Hextor - Destruction, Evil, Law, War
  • Hiatea - Animal, Good, Plant, Sun
  • Hruggek - Chaos, Evil, Trickery, War
  • Huhueteotli - Chaos, Evil, Fire, War
  • Ialannis - Good, Healing, Strength, Sun
  • Incabulos - Death, Destruction, Evil, Weather
  • Istus - Knowledge, Luck, Repose
  • Iuz - Chaos, Evil, Trickery
  • Jascar - Earth, Good, Law, Protection
  • Joramy - Destruction, Fire, Glory, War
  • Kaelthiere - Destruction, Evil, Fire, War
  • Kord - Chaos, Good, Luck, Strength
  • Kukulkan - Air, Animal, Community, Law
  • Kurell - Chaos, Luck, Trickery
  • Kurtulmak - Community, Evil, Law, Trickery
  • Laduguer - Community, Earth, Evil, Law, War
  • Laogzed - Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Evil
  • Lendor - Knowledge, Law, Protection, Repose
  • Lirr - Chaos, Charm, Good, Knowledge, Travel
  • Llerg - Animal, Chaos, Strength
  • Lolth - Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Trickery
  • Lydia - Charm, Good, Knowledge, Sun, Travel
  • Maglubiyet - Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Trickery
  • Mayaheine - Glory, Good, Law, Protection, War
  • Merikka - Community, Good, Law, Plant, Protection
  • Memnor - Charm, Death, Evil, Knowl., Trickery
  • Merrshaulk - Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Evil
  • Mictlantecuhtli - Law, Death, Evil, War
  • Moradin - Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection
  • Mouqol - Charm, Knowledge, Travel, Trickery
  • Myhriss - Charm, Good, Healing, Nobility
  • Norebo - Chaos, Luck, Trickery
  • Nerull - Darkness, Death, Evil, Trickery
  • Obad-Hai - Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water
  • Olidammara - Chaos, Charm, Luck, Trickery
  • Panzuriel - Darkness, Destruction, Evil, War, Water
  • Pelor - Glory, Good, Healing, Strength, Sun
  • Phaulkon - Air, Chaos, Good, Weather
  • Pholtus - Good, Knowledge, Law, Sun
  • Phyton - Chaos, Good, Plant, Sun
  • Procan - Chaos, Travel, Water, Weather
  • Pyremius - Destruction, Evil, Fire, Repose
  • Ralishaz - Chaos, Destruction, Luck, Madness
  • Rao - Charm, Good, Knowledge, Law, Rune
  • Raxivort - Animal, Chaos, Darkn., Evil, Trickery
  • Rudd - Chaos, Nobility, Luck
  • St. Cuthbert - Destruction, Law, Protection, Strength
  • Sehanine - Chaos, Darkness, Good, Knowledge, Travel
  • Sekolah - Evil, Law, Strength, War
  • Semuanya - Animal, Community, Plant, Water
  • Skerrit - Animal, Healing, Nobility, Plant, Sun
  • Skoraeus - Artifice, Earth, Healing, Knowledge, Protection
  • Sotillion - Air, Chaos, Good, Healing, Plant
  • Stronmaus - Good, Protection, War, Weather
  • Surtur - Evil, Fire, Trickery, War
  • Stronmaus - Good, Protection, War, Weather
  • Surtur - Evil, Fire, Trickery, War
  • Syrul - Charm, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery
  • Telchur - Air, Chaos, Strength, Weather
  • Tharizdun - Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, Madness
  • Thrym - Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Magic, War
  • Tiamat - Destruction, Evil, Law
  • Tlaloc - Community, Evil, Law, Plant, Weather
  • Trithereon - Chaos, Good, Liberation, Protection, Strength
  • Ulaa - Earth, Good, Law
  • Vaprak - Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War
  • Vatun - Air, Animal, Chaos, Strength, Weather
  • Vecna - Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Rune
  • Velnius - Air, Travel, Water, Weather
  • Wastri - Animal, Evil, Law
  • Wee Jas - Charm, Law, Magic, Repose
  • Wenta - Air, Chaos, Good, Plant, Weather
  • Xan Yae - Darkness, Knowledge, Trickery, War
  • Xerbo - Animal, Knowledge, Water
  • Ye'cind - Chaos, Charm, Good, Knowledge, Magic
  • Yondalla - Community, Good, Law, Protection
  • Zagyg - Chaos, Knowledge, Madness, Magic
  • Zilchus - Knowledge, Law, Trickery
  • Zodal - Good, Healing, Protection
  • Zotzilaha - Animal, Chaos, Darkness, Evil
  • Zuoken - Knowledge, Liberation, Strength, Nobility





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