Thia Galamodel (moonwhisper) was the only child of a family in a tiny forest village deep in the forests of _. She is now 243 years old and a full blood elf. Thia is five foot tall and weighs 114lbs. Her skin is alabaster with a hint of blue. Her hair is short and spiky and also a shade of blue. Her eyes had the only glips of her true age. Eyes were also blue but with sparkles of gold.
Thia did not have a deity. However, she did spend a good chunk of her childhood along side her village community during the days of worship. Her parents would only attend these events to help build a unity/security with the people of the village. This was more so because of her father Erdan.
Erdan was a teacher by trade, but that was not the thing that the community feared. But the school of which this wizard studied was necromancia. He was a very well trained and possesed spells of the highest level. He was proud of his work and all that he was able to achieve. Although he was most proud of his lucky day that landed him with the love of his life from a chance meeting at the market. It was a kind gesture that won her attention and started there almost story tale relationship.
Enna, Thia’s mother, was a beautiful woman. She was loved by most everyone she meet. She had made a bit of wealth by performing for nobel’s and their events with her pan flute. A “high end” entertainer.
Enna and Erdan had been married for many years before giving birth to Thia. When they found out that Enna was expecting, they moved to their little village. Thia was born within the limits of the city and was keep within until the passing of her parents many years later.
Enna and Erdan wanted to share their skills with their child. Erdan started her lessons first with basic life skills, how to care for her family with hunting and starting a fire. Thia enjoyed using the crossbow most but never enjoyed having to clean the animal or cooking, due to the mess. (Thia disliked being dirty/messing) Erdan also started teaching Thia the basics of being a wizard and necromancia. Her mother wanted to try and help Thia not be looked at with fear and her father sometimes experienced. So her mother taught her how to play the pan flute that had brought the mother much love and respect.Thia thrived in her music lessons, by the time of her mother's passing, she could play almost as well as Enna. However, the lessons of charm and charisma were not as successful. Thia could never manage much than average for charisma.
Thia did enjoy her childhood and the time with her parents for many years, but as with all elves, the wanderlust came. Her parents did not want her to leave the village, having seen some of the negative stuff in the world and the chaotic life of always on the go and never knowing what will happen next. Her parents said a life of routine was so much better. Thia did try to respect her parents as she was not yet able to call herself an adult.
Thias parents ended up catching a bug and passed away when she was 37. Thia had no other family. Thia decided once her parents were past, she was an adult. She had thought about and it and the only reason why she kept that title from herself was to justify staying around and looking after her parents. They had Thia later in life and she did love them and wanted to care for them as they had for her so many years.
After her parents death, She had no ties left to her little village really. Thia was always busy with her work and parents to build any real bonds with the other village members. Thia decided she was done with routine, she had too many years of it and now it was time to make her own choices and move on to adventure. She grabbed her backpack and started to pack. She grabbed her mother’s pan flute and her spellbook. She filled her backpack with other basics that she thought she would need or want for her journey. She also grabbed the coins her mother still had in her safe.
Thia left home and had no wish to return. She traveled first to the nearby villages. Exploring all the new things that she had never had a chance to see. Thia loved to pick up trinkets along the way. Either by finding or trade if it caught her attention.
Thia kept to herself most of the time. But she used her lesson from her mother to talk with people. She had a few travel companions through the many years that she has traveled. None have lasted for very long. Thia always on the move and looking for the next adventure.
Thia eventually seen all she could on her piece of land of Greyhawk, so she wanted to venture over the big water. She decided the best way to do this was to join a ship and try her hand at being a sailor. As with manything she truly loves, she invested a good bit of effort into gaining all the she could from the experience. This group was the only one where she really became “one” with the group. She left the ship with a open invitation to return when ready. Also they gave her one of their flags, (pirate flag with a dragon skull and crossbones)and the highest honor of a shipmate, a vial of dragon's blood.


Thia has yet to miss her home, although thinks of her parents often and used the lessons often to try and help though the journey.

Thia has never had interest in politics. At home, her family went with the crowd on the votes. And on her travels she is never still long enough for it to matter.

Thia is not fond of alcohol.

Thia still follows no deity but doesn’t think less of others that do.

In a fight, Thia prefers to stay back and observe first before attacking. She likes to have a chance to check for possible weak spots or to plan before attacking. She can and will handle quick attacks when they happened. But will always take time where there is time to be had.