What I need the players to do on this site

This will be a central repository for, well, everything. I decided to move awaay from Obsidian Portal so I have more control over things. (But, I am still working out some of the bugs.)

I tried to make it all nice and simple... yeah... here is hoping...

You start by making an account here: http://techrealms.com/wiki/tiki-register.php

Once you have registered and logged in I need you to create a wiki page for your character.

  • Go to the left section and click "Wiki", then click "Create a Wiki Page".
  • Name the page after your character, however you want.

This will be your central "home" for everything related to your character. You can write your backstory here, link Google Docs, upload images and PDFs, etc. (embedding pictures is a tad messy, working on that still but you can still attach them as files)

I will link the page you created to the "Central page of characters" here: http://techrealms.com/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=Characters (You can't edit it, or any of the other main pages.)

NOTE: You can edit other players character pages since you all have the same permissions in the system. Please don't. (There are snapshots if you accidentally mess soemthing up tho)

As we play you can post (and reply to) adventure logs here: http://techrealms.com/wiki/tiki-view_forum.php?forumId=2

I will add more details here as I think of them. Thanks!



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