Adventure Logs

Adventure Logs

Lilli's Exploration Log Notes (Log 1; Session 4)

3/24/2019 (player absent)

I got lost in one of the many copies of "Welcome to Tessamere" in the entrance to the powerful druid's quarters. One minute I was sipping a bitter, herbal-tasting tea with the tome in my hands; the next minute (a few hours had passed) and I had finished the tome cover to cover. I gently closed the tome and when I stood up and walked back into the large room with the plants and fountain, I realized that it was empty save the forest guardian tending to the plants. I sat down at the edge of the fountain and worked out in my head which direction I would need to take in order to meet up with my group in Dyvers.

I checked if my cream-white horse, Alma, was still to be found.

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