Adventure Logs

Adventure Logs

Grimm's Quest of Glory - Episode 5 "Going to California"

When we last left our hero, Grimm and Co. had just arrived in Divers. After getting some directions from a nearby guard the group decides to head to the local magic shop to attempt to get the crown identified. They arrive at the little shop and the smell of magic coming from the crown is starting to get nauseating, which the owner promptly recognizes. After a bit of haggling and the realization of how much it costs to identify items a deal is struck with the shop keep. Grimm purchases a box of crap filled with 3 shotty health potions over a gallon each and a wand that does random effects for 25 gold and a look at the crown. The man claims that the crown is sentient but it is beyond his power to get anymore info from it, he recommends the sage Valeron in Greyhawk and begins attending to another customer. After the group leaves the prior person the shop keep was helping assails the party and requests that she tag along to start the adventuring life, Lilli eventually convinces the group to accept and she leaves to gather her things with plans to meet at the tavern. It is around this time that Thia sells some of the junk she was carrying including a chest that when sold is discovered to have 3 gold bars stashed inside the bottom, the mans wife not wanting to be murdered by Thia, forces the man to give one back. The group then meets Talarasi at the pub who is busy hustling scrubs out of their money in a drinking contest, the group then heads out on the road to Greyhawk.

The trip to Greyhawk is a calm one with Talarasi showing the party she can burn down forests with a snap of her fingers, and Grimm casting sickness on himself with the wand. Arriving at Greyhawk the group splits and most of the party head to the mages guild. Entering the guild the group seeks Valeron and get more info from him on the crown, he tells them a bit more of its secrets and the group sends for Lord Cedron to collect payment. Afterwards Thia purchase an identify scroll to add to her spellbook so the group doesn't have to pay for anymore identification, Talarasi generously offers the group her pearl so Thia can identify with it. After leaving the guild the group decides to look for Maghtrum who said something about finding his church. They arrive at the Church and Magthrum tells the group he has secured lodging for the night for the party. The party splits again with Loben and Lilli on babysit duty with Talarasi, Thia identifying items, and Grimm heading outside to try and earn some coin. As Grimm is performing a few thugs stroll by claiming they are town guards and demand Grimm pay them 25 gold for playing music, outraged by the ridiculousness that these 2 think they are guards Grimm demands that he see their captain. Magthrum hearing this leaves the temple and decides to bail Grimm out and cough up the dough to the thugs. After awhile the group reunites and merriment and revelry begin, with Talarasi boldly challenging everyone to a drinking contest. Talarasi the iron gut easily wins and quite a few of the group double their money with the gambling winnings (Grimm pays back Magthrum thus clearing his debt). Talarasi gives Grimm a performers permit and Grimm finds the Thugs from earlier to make amends and give them some of his earnings in a show of goodwill (Your reputation is very important as a bard y'know).

The following day is the day the group was to meet with Lord Cedron. Loben tells the group some disturbing things he learned during his babysitting duty yesterday. The group decide to go through with the transaction and proceed to the guild. As Lord Cedron enters tensions run high as part of the group have second thoughts about leaving the crown with Cedron possibly sparking a war. It's beginning to look grim when Talarasi calms the group and reveals herself to be one of the 8 and asks to examine the crown. After she touches the crown and focuses for a bit, the jewel on it gets hungry, eats her fingers, and floats back to Aazra. Not to be phased by this bizarre event Talarasi pulls back, replaces her fingers (wow), and proceeds to swap the gem out of the crown for one that doesn't eat fingers and hands it to Cedron. Cedron pleased to not have a finger eating crown, then gives the group their payment and leaves before any of his fingers are eaten by the remaining gem. Talarasi then tells the group a bit more about what she has learned about the crown. After handing a stone off to Aazra with instructions to contact her every week the group leaves to find further employment. Grimm tells the group of 3 bounties he had heard of and they decide to hunt some undead. Heading down to the docks they find the man in question (Abran is his name) and take him up on his offer with plans to meet him a few days later. The group then strikes out east for the farmstead and after a peaceful journey find the farm and do a bit of searching. They enter some nearby ruins to begin their cleansing of the place, and after a brief encounter emerge victorious. We leave our hero here with their first quest completed and a second one on the way.


Number of times hassled by the law: 1
Number of members of the 8 met: 1
Quests successfully completed: 1

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