Adventure Logs

Adventure Logs

Grimm's Quest of Glory - Episode 6 "Good Times Bad Times"

When last we left our hero Grimm and Co. had just started clearing the ruins of undead near the farmstead. After the dust settles Magthrum does a quick search of one of the bodies and the weirdest thing happens... He bends down, grabs a bit of clothe from one of the undead, and gives it a smell as a strange look comes into his eyes. Magthrum wildly proclaims that he has had a divine intervention and that his church requires his assistance back in Greyhawk, he then sets out immediately and with no explanation he is gone. This troubles the group heavily, having just lost the stonewall of a dwarf it slowly becomes clear that he was the sole obstacle between the frothing monsters and the weak spellcasters (Grimm makes note of this and resolves to solve this issue in the near future). After a bit of debate the party decides it prudent to hire a bodyguard in Greyhawk who can fill the gap left by Magthrum's absence. As the party makes the long trek back to Greyhawk they chance to met the man who had hired them to clear the farm, they warn him that it may not be the wisest idea to return to the farm alone with undead about but he ignores sound logic and continues on saying he will await our return... This is the last time Grimm sees this man alive...

The return to Greyhawk is a peaceful one and after asking a guard for some quick directions the party decides to give the docks a look over to try and find someone to hire. Grimm thinks now would be a good time to try and attract some of them sailin' types so he plays a jaunty tune to catch their attention, sadly this only nets him a few pieces of silver. Thia seems to have a similar idea but she doesn't play around, she whips out her pirate flag and starts waving it around, this scares a great many people and an old man suggests it might be a good idea to put that away before the town guard sees it.

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