Adventure Logs

Adventure Logs

Thia - First Encounter-

Found a new castle today and looked rather interesting so I decided to knock and see if anyone was home. It looked abandoned for some time, but to my surprise, someone answered. It was an odd group. After the game of 20 questions and some grief from the party's resident dwarf, they decided to let me adventure along to help them clear out this castle of its undead inhabitants.

I'm always up for something new and this group looked like they could find some trouble, aka something interesting to keep my attention going. Plus who doesn't love knocking down
a few skeletons and giving a dwarf a hard time.

It looked like they had already had a bit of fun before I arrived. There were pieces of bones everywhere. They then started down the stairs to start working on the next round. The dwarf lead the way down the winding staircase. This was both a good and a bad thing. I tried to show my worth to their cause by jumping to the front a bit more to throw some damaging blows. I took some damage myself but remained alive.

They managed through well enough. They seemed fairly excited to find a crown. I think they had been searching for it for some time. This crown has such a potent smell of magic on it. I have not come across something of this intensity for many a years.

I think I will try to stick around this group for a while. They seem to be in line for a bit more fun. I am also curious as to what is this crowns significance.

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