Adventure Logs

Adventure Logs

Thia - Sticking Around -

We ventured to Dyvers to find a magic shop to have this crown looked at. It is obviously too much for this shop keepers abilities. The shop keeper thinks its sentient but could not see
much more outside of that. While at the shop, Grimm purchased these jars of health potions that were ridiculously large. He also got a wand that puts out random magic. I hesitate to see what trouble this bard causes with such a thing.

The new nature of this group had me off my game. I took the chest I gathered from the castle to the market shop. I thought I was getting a decent price until the shop keeper turned a secret and out popped three gold bars. Luckily the wife seen my anger and through one of the bars back my way. Hard lesson to learn but some is better than none.

There was an interesting turn of events. Lilli convinced the group to welcome in a new girl. She appears to be so young but has much knowledge and talents. Went we found her at the tavern, she was drinking everyone under the table and not showing a single sign of effects from the drink. She revealed that she was wearing a neutralize poison ring. I really need to get one of those.

I got a new scroll as well to add to my book. I can now use it to identify magic items. The young girl herself offered up the pearl that was needed. I spend quite some time identifying all magic items that we had found.

1. Small Glass Pendant - copy materials it is passed over.
2. Ring - ring of jumping
3. Bracelet - grants plus 1 to initiative after atonement
4. Pearl Pin - once per week, gains plus 1 to a skill check
5. Metal Necklace - unknown amount of charges, detect magic
6. Wand - unable to identify, seems more of a cursed item, get the feeling of randomness.
7. Bead Necklace - protects from cold.
8. Crown - NOTHING!

The group earned quite a bit of money from the young ones talents at drinking. Some of them I believe doubled it or more. I still hesitate to fully trust that one. I think she may be hiding something.

Then next day, in Grey Hawk, the group was to meet up with some guy who had sent them to find the crown. From the sounds of it, this is what drew this group together in the beginning. This exchange should be interesting due to the group still not fully knowing what he wants with this piece and what exactly it does. The smell of this thing tells me it's nothing to be messed with.

During the questioning and exchange between the group, the young new comer who had been in the corner until that moment during the meeting comes forward. Her appearance changes and she reveals herself as a member of the circle of 8. I knew there was something about this girl.

Talarasi uses her skills to try and identify the crowns magic. Talarasi touches the stone with two fingers and puts her other hand on her head. An image cast out in the center of the room. It is our group finding the crown. The images then started to move in reverse. You could hear Talarasi muttering, tell me your history. It goes through a long period of nothing. You can see the king putting the crown in place. You see the king going back but sick and frail and just dies there. It shows the room clearing out. The place was cursed. It goes through quite a bit of other history of the rulers of the crown. It shows the creation of the crown and then a ending of a meteor. It turns out the magic comes from the stone. Even Talarasi's power could not get much. The stone is most definitely a sentient being and not of this world. Talarasi pushed the stone to show more. She seen that it comes from the stars and is very old indeed. However, the stone did not like being forced and bit back, taking the two fingers that Talarasi had been touching the stone with. The guy looking for the crown did not know of this stone and was only interested in the crown itself and agreed to accept it with an alternative stone added.

Talarasi has Aazra change out the stone in the crown with an alternative stone. The crown was then passed to the man and he and his goons were on their way. The party was left with their reward.

The stone which is not evil and very intelligent, ended up in the hands of the half-elf of the party, Aazra. She is young but very interesting. She was named the keeper of the stone by the member of the circle of 8. She was provided a rather special bag to hide the smell of the magic and to keep it safe. Talarasi also gave a pendant with instructions to send weekly updates.

After this fun ends, the group discusses options for the next fun to come. After taking with someone on the docks, we find ourselves out on a farm. We also find some ruins and start searching and working to clear out the unwelcome.

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