Adventure Logs

Adventure Logs

Thia - Round two at the ruins

Who the hell leaves before the job is done. Maggie has left on an urgent mission for his God. Rather unfortunate timing.

So we need to go and find someone to take the dwarfs place. There was some discussion about leaving someone behind to watch the ruins and talk to the farm owner that provided the job. We block the door and make our way back to Greyhawk to find another wall to join the battle.

We find a man in shining armor. Surprising enough he agrees to come and help out for a share of the unknown lute. His name was Paren. We venture back to the farm and ruins. The orcs seemed to have killed the owner of the farm who made it back before we did. While on round two at the ruin, Paren doesn’t do very well but we limp through the battle. We didn’t get much of anything from the ruins.

On the way back to Greyhawk, Grimm decides to try his new wand yet again. He launches a fireball at a tree. I think this is how forest fires start. I end up buying the wand from Grimm, for the same 5 gold pieces that he had paid for it.

We end up buying a new map from a man at the book store and we make our final arrangements before meeting at the gates to head out again.

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