Adventure Logs

Adventure Logs

Adventure Log: Loben

Note: This is written in gnomish but has an orc inflection. No typos, just a weird inflection. This will probably filter out over time.

This ere a curious group of folks. Dey all too broke to rob but despite dat dey kinda interestin. We'll see where it goes. They mostly short, which is curious, but maybe we get along? Don't know yet. Got to wanderin round on dis mission for some rich burrow-crat an' it better pay out cus it feels like a ripoff already. 10 gold for a pony?! I'm in the wrong business. Ah well, live and learn. Ain't that right Celestian? Keep us safe on our travels mate.

While searching for some dwarf corpse, we stumbled on some kinda ruin. Had some gobby's near it.. I was told. But o-ur-all I tink dis might make a good warren some day... if I cared about that kinda stuff. Be a solid thieves den. Might need a bit more research doh because WHERE DAT SNAKE COME FROM?! I'm ok with little spiders. I'm ok with a few scaly guys with tridents. I'm NOT ok with it being some kinda sex den for big momma snakes. It keeps the gobby's away sure, but what if Daddy comes home? What if another snake moves in while you sleeping one night? Maybe later. It's still not a bad spot, needs some work though. I'll be lookin' into dat later.

So we's 'sposed to be findin this hidden place and retrieven some crown of some kind. Only one person knows where the hell we're goin' and if we're not careful he'll just leave us behind. Gotta be on your toes round that one. Got distracted, lost place. Crown. Yeah, so we needs to find a crown in some ruin that's human? Elf? Sounded elf. Dunno. Anyway burrow-crat needs it, we gets it. Really curious about the location, I likes hidden things. Secrets and baubles galore! Need to make sure to stay calm tho. Cool and calm. Let's see first if dese others enjoy the light of the sun or find joy in the shadows of night...

'eadache still lingerin.. ugh... Rock creatures move fasta than I thought. I jus wanted some crystals and notes and whatnot but I needs to get a bit more sneaky.

From the beginnin' I guess, we's were headed down the trail when our mildly mental guide alerted us that we'd found where we needed to be. After some searchin, I confirmed it. So we's camped out, upon morning we ran into some traders who pitched us on stuff and I got some neat toys. Can't wait to play with them. So many ideas...

So the path was slow.. dodgy.. not righ' ya know? Picked up some nasty mushrooms, might make a wine later. Anyway, we ends up in a clearing with what looks like a ruin't city. We scouts a bit and learn things live 'ere and that we need to watch our toes. We moves forward and there's this set of rooms that looks like someone's old apartment. Found some sword of some kind, a few pieces of cloth, and some seeds for a nasty plant. There's also some bronze cat headed people but too darn heavy to take wid us. Couple neat .. well.. lovey books? I dunno. Maybe they fetch a few bucks in the right place, maybe they talk about places and things I know nothin' bout. Either way, somethin' to look at later. Moved outta there to go follow some footsteps after one of us disappeared over the night. What we found was... well.. it's like if you went to the busiest yet worst inn in town and jus decided to open all the doors while running down the hallway. Lots of weird, lots of danger, and one guy who clearly be usin' that chaos to chill out in peace knowing no one else is messin around in this place. Spiders, slimes, music, and a goofy door that screams at ya. Oh.. and a weird wizardin guy.

That's all I can recall before my noggin took a whackin, so maybe I'll update lata...

I now want a pet slime. 'ave no idea if I can han'le it but it seems fun. It seems like you'd have a mobile bath.

Anyway, we's basically walked back and forth driving some crazy wizard up a wall. That seemed t'be our primary goal anyway. Between Grimm becoming homicidal and our amazing battle with a tree, I'm not sure which is more weird. Through the coperation of everyone, we managed to get into da castle proper. Lots of neat gizmos and plenty of magic. Found a secret door that led to a secret bedroom that led to a secret garden.. and found elementals and a nice druid. Lotsa respect for that lady, though I'm not sure I got her name. Quite the interesting area and I'll keep it in mind for the future. Apparently also Magthriim speaks elvish.. which was also odd. We gots some rest and moved on out, finding a collapsed area where we's found some nonliving things. It hurt, a lot, but we managed through. Hopefully we get some rest soon.

Things of note:
Walked a slime.
Met up with a new wealthy elf, half-elf, I think half-elf. Not sure if she's wealthy anymore. She seemed to like the front line tho', casting spells and such. Kina weird.
I like that Lilli is creative, Magthrum is direct, and Grimm is helpful. Might 'ang around after this mission, seems like an interestin' group.

It's been a tough few weeks. Fights with skellies, crowns, lies. All there.

We was trouncin' round with a crown and tryin' ta figure out what's we want or consequences. Dyvers held no answers, decent bit of cash tho'. So we's head toward Greyhawk, city of fines and taxes. It took a few days buts we stayed at some temple to Mora.. mordin? I'm still learnin' other religions but this one still seems like a bunch of slackers, beyond Magthrum. He should whip dem boys inta shape. Instead, passes out drinkin. We had some lady with us that was smart, witty and obviously not one of us. More on that lata'.

So we go to some hoity toity wizard school where I'm treated like crap, but dey agree ta helpin' us by leasing us a room for a day. So we's leave and go separate ways, some visit strange places, I visit a library and then the tinkerer's guild. The library had a few neat books but I's be needin' tools. The tinkerer's college was even more bitchy until our lying compatriot helped us through the door. Now me and Lilli gots some kinda Provisional Membership so we's can get stuff made. Weird lady was pretty nice getting that for us, prolly owe her one.

We delay a bit and wizards learn wizardly stuff and I tells me the crown is smart.. wise.. anyways it's got life. So I worries a bit and looks to be watchful if anyone gets taken over. All went well doh. Then, we finally gets to the meeting and talks about the crown when who I at first thought was a traveling maid turns out to be one of the Circle of Eight. That made plenty of sense after I thought about it. Can't spell her name for the life of me though. I'll learn more later, at least I know who to repay. Anyway, she doesn't want us givin up the crown yet, says the gem's not stable. So she shows us the gem's history through some wizardy stuff. I was not expecting what I saw....

Oh Great Wanderer of Stars, thank you for this gift, even though it is not mine. Just knowin I was near it, that I was part of freeing your lost gift, I cherish that. I only hope we can guide it wisely through dis world. I'll do my best to support the young half-elf as the bearer. It shows you've guided me all this time and that the truth is in the travel. I'm definitely hittin' the books more. I've believed so long and this makes me want to work harder for my goal, if you haven't given me a new one that is.

Now, off to kill some more undead... that observatory ain't buildin' itself.

Well.. if at first you don't succeed...

We have a 25 gold map that led us straight into a hornet's nest of orcs and undead and apparently an easily amused ogre. But I digress, we first be wanderin' into the den of evil and had a rough time of it. The undead was tough but we fought's a tactical withdrawal and ended that threat. We had to run because it was too tough and we was very tired. We ran a good ways away before gettin' arrested by some uppity Sheriff and his cute dogs, Tebble, Rebble, uh.. Hebble and Frebble? I don'o. They was cute though. He was an idiot. We ain't steal no horses but we gets dragged into town to explain ourselves to some old blind woman name'a Helga. After Peren left for a bit and found her horses, everything wen' back to normal and we's just randomly wandered town for a bit thinking on stuff. Eventually we found a shop where the bard got a blade.. he also got enslaved. I don't trust that elf. She's hiding things and way too wealthy to just be randomly here. Somethin' ain't right about her. She's in good with the guardian though so I'll have to keeps a watchful eye.

Speaking of the bearer, she's a bit headstrong and charges into trouble a lot. The LAST thing anyone needs is an orc getting a hold of that wondrous gift. I'll have to seek more guidance from Celstrian at my earliest convenience. I need more strength to protect her from threats, both foreign and domestic, if ya's catchin' my drift. We'll learn as we go I suppose, the stars are sometimes obscured but always there. I just need to find them.

Well, we found a priest of St. Cuthbert named Tana. She was a bit crazy but o'erly friendly-like so we could use the help. After that, we headed off to get revenge. As I write this, we are on the trail and headed back. I hope things go well. Oh.. and some merchant had some pretty nice stuff.. what was his name though... grrr.. I'll write it down next time.

I have found purpose. More so than before. Celestrian heard my pleas for help and is now helping me grow into a proper servant of his faith. I will weed out the ungrateful or unreal. I will purge those who threaten the Church from within or without. I will do so with the radiant gift of the divine and they shall know they erred in their ways. For now however, I guard the guardian of the gem. She blindly endangers herself over and over and now I feel I'm on a path of guidance and one of protection. No one shall harm her and woe to those who try.

My newfound knowledge has guided me this far but it came after our last failing. The orcs and ogres were just too strong and we lost Tana. A bit of struggle to get her back resulted in much philosphizin' about the role of a soul and belongings therein. I know not what our future holds, but we know more of each other and our motives. I think we are moving on the right path. I also got the guardian to explain that discussion to the stone, but we'll see if she raises it well.

Tana has returned, albeit with part of her memory missing, and now we must venture back into the cave.. not to find glory or gold.. but to recover Tana's shield and help her find her faith again. I'm not sure if our fighter will remain with us after this, I wouldn't blame him for leaving. Still, a bit of reequipping in town and some celebrations and we will soon be on our way. May the heavens guide us.

(*cries* I had to type this twice)

The battle was fierce with many surprises... and perhaps a fate changed.

We recovered Magthrum finally and he looked worse for wear. I'm curious as to what happened but nothing is out of place yet. The third battle for the keep was hard-fought and brutal. The enemies were tougher than we might have thought but somehow we persevered and pulled through. Right crazy eh? The toughest ogre I've ever seen (and perhaps the only one I've ever seen .. ) went down and turned into a child's ball. A very large child's ball. Still, despite the humor there was heartbreak.

First off, who traps a door behind a door? What is that silliness? I'll never trust doors again.

Secondly, and more important, our elf loan shark apparently picked a fight with some dark entity. She appears aged or withered in some way and I'm sure other effects may present themselves in the future but I don't know when or how. Something to keep an eye on for sure. I'm not sure if I hope she's alright..

Notes: I may have to kill Grimm, if he doesn't answer my questions after this. We found treasure but the curious thing was a promissory note from Greyhawk. I'm wondering what that will lead to.

A journey done, an answer found, and responsibility now passed on. Where to now?

I was right! A piece of the heavens, of my god, was with us for so long. It took a thief to bring us all to this realization and it took a random encounter to find out an answer to an age old problem. Grimm made poor choices and finally told the truth, but that truth was deeper than we all thought. I hope he doesn't take this as validation, but I'm glad he cleared the air. It's going to be a betta' world for us all. I still have questions, but now I need direction. The bearer of the Shard of Celestian is now the church, but I think I'll follow the new half-elf in her journey. She seems to have a knack for finding great items of power and interacting with them. I'm not sure if this is some blessing or curse, but she seems to be of this church so I think her path needs to be monitored for any future interactions. Her wanderings have found a bountiful path and perhaps a cursed one as well.

I'd like to thank Perryn and Tana Stormwind for helping us. I don't know where they are, I'm doubtful they are even still alive. But, I hold out hope we see them again. Sadly, we must press on not knowing too much more.

There are still questions though, if proximity changed that moon water to resist and cure lycanthropy, what did it do to us? We've been close to it for a long time and I am very curious if there will be after effects. It's somethin' worth watchin'.

I want to speak to the church at some point about potential services. I have a concept of a magic item I want made that might could use their skills.. particularly since they chose to give me some scrap of pity and make me think it was something more. I want them to understand that I grasp the power of Celestian more than they may know.