A motley band of adventurers searching for fame, fortune, and fun in the world of Oerth.

This game is probably NOT like any other RPG you have been playing. It is a sandbox campaign leaning towards more roleplay and less rollplay. I am using 5E rules for their general functionality. (IE. To keep things generally level in the campaign).

I want the players to determine the path of the adventure. Wherever they go, something will be waiting. This means I should make a few things clear up front.

  1. Players must be willing to help tell the story. They will not be railroaded. This means they must be willing to make decisions and take actions based on their character's desires.
  2. Backstory. Characters MUST have some depth of backstory.
  3. Interaction. The game will be A LOT of roleplay. If you just like to sit back and roll dice you're not going to have fun here.
  4. I do break the rules. Many rules are written for rollplay, not roleplay, they will be changed as needed.
  5. Player agency is important to me. In social science, agency is the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. The characters will be treated this way. If there is a big event to the west and you go east, GREAT! I can happily work with ANY choice you make. Players will never be "punished" for ignoring possible hooks.

Clear now? Got all that? Okay! Keep reading young recruit!

My "Prime Directive" is "The players must be having fun". Beyond that ALL rules are negotiable. (And I mean that, if you want to break the rules in some strange way I'm all ears. Often the more imaginative the idea, the better the outcome. However this doesn't mean I will completely unbalance the game.)

I am starting with the setting of Oerth before the Greyhawk Wars as a "base". However the players information and maps might be out of date, or just plain wrong. The world will evolve alongside the characters evolution. This just provides a framework for backstory and detail. (If the players decide to plane shift someplace else they are welcome to. Just give me time to make maps, heh)

This site is hardly complete. If you can provide the source and the rule/class/spell/feat/skill you want to bring into the game I'll consider it. (Printed and playtested sources are weighted higher than homebrew.)

What I need the players to do on this site - Details are here on how to use this website.
Creating a Character - All the details about creating a character for this campaign.
Roleplay - The basis of any good game.
Experience - How I handle experience awards.
Alignments - Details about alignments.
The World - Details and information about the campaign world, Oerth (Greyhawk).
Calendar - How I keep track of things.
House Rule - Rerolls - The rules governing "rerolls".
House Rule - Magic - Changes to the 5E magic system.
House Rule - Spell Preperation - How we're not preparing spells.
House Rule - Death - The rules governing death and severe disability.
House Rule - Crafting - The rules governing making magical items
House Rule - Monsters - My changes to monsters you should know about.
House Rule - Size Scale - My changes to creature sizes.
House Rule - Resting - My changes to the resting system.

Adventure Log Forum - Where adventure logs get written
Session Audio Archive - Audio recordings of previous sessions.

Characters - List of Characters
NPCs - Those NPCs of note.